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20L Hybrid Agricultural Spraying Drone


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DLE120MA 20L Hybrid Electric Agricultural Spraying Drone Kit

please note:because reasons of transportation security,the item don`t included lipo-battery(12S 10000mAh lipo-battery)

The wing arm wheelbase 1900mm

The wing arm wheelbase is 1900mm, which makes the plant protection machine spray width up to 8m, and it can complete 200 acres of work area per hour.

The wing arm features a foldable design

It adopts hexacopter layout, and the wing arm adopts umbrella-shaped foldable design, which is convenient for the whole machine shipment and transfer operation.

Mini pump control technology and flow control system

The take-off weight is large, the down-pressure wind field is large, and the plant protection machine’s chemical liquid penetrating power is strong. With the advanced micro pump control technology and flow control system, it can accurately control the aircraft spraying speed and spraying amount.

With route planning, autonomous / semi-autonomous flight functions

Easy to operate, with route planning, autonomous / semi-autonomous flight functions, intelligently planning routes through high-definition maps, setting field boundaries based on topography, and the system automatically planning spraying paths. With fixed-altitude radar and RTK centimeter-level high-precision positioning system, with the help of fixed-height radar and RTK centimeter-level positioning system, it achieves accurate flight routes.

The powerful power core DLE-120MA is equipped with an independently developed DLE120HD two-stroke water-cooled drone engine. It is specially designed and won multiple patents. The engine has the characteristics of light weight, high power, low temperature and long life. The problem of short life and unstable output power of air-cooled engines due to high temperature is eliminated. Provide strong and stable power output for drones, generator power is 7.35KW, take-off weight can reach 53KG, and working load can be 20kg.

Use regular gasoline as basic fuel

It solves the problems of small drug loading, short battery life, long charging time, high battery loss, high power consumption, and low efficiency caused by electric drones, which greatly improves operating efficiency. 40L medicine can be sprayed continuously with one refueling, and the efficiency can be increased by 2-3 times.

Oil-electric hybrid closed-loop control system

The generator system adopts automatic control and battery pack to form an oil-electric hybrid closed-loop control system. When the plant protection machine can achieve an engine failure, the backup battery can automatically start and land safely (the battery flight time can reach 3 minutes). Features such as battery slurry protection to ensure safe drone landing.

Obstacle avoidance radar system

When working in the field, the direction and distance of obstacles can be automatically detected. After precise obstacle avoidance, the plant protection machine automatically resumes the planned route to operate smoothly and improve the efficiency of operations.

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