16L Spraying Drone Oil-Electric Hybrid Long Endurance
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16L Spraying Drone Oil-Electric Hybrid Long Endurance


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SF-416 16L Agriculture Spraying Quadcopter Drone kit

F6000 Oil-electric Hybrid power long-endurance JIYI K++ SIYI DK32

Note: This product does not include flight control, remote control and 12S lipo-battery

Product description

16L 0il-electric hybrid agricultural spray drone

model –SF-416

Number of axes–4 axis

Wheelbase —— 1500mm

Power ———————– 0il-electric Hybrid power

Medicine box vol1ume —– max 16L

Fuel tank capacity ——- max 3.5L

Hybrid mode1–F6000

Full load flight time: 45 minutes


1, Full load takeof weight: 40KG

2, Body weight: 4.45KG

3, Hybrid powver weight: 7.2KG

4, Flight power system assembly weight: 4 * 1.65KG

5, Medicine bax weight: 1.5KG;

6, Fuel tank weight: 0.56KG

F6000 Hybrid Electric Power Generator

(Applicable to agricultural spray drones with a load of 15-20L)

Rated voltage: MIX 44.4V MAX 50V 12S

Maximum power: 6000W

Weight: 7.2kg

Fuel tank capacity: 3.5L

Fuel consumption: 5L / H

Fuel ratio: 25: 1 (95 # gasoline, FD grade 2T engine oil)

Working temperature: -20 ~ 45 degrees Celsius

Startup method: -Key self-start

Cooling method: forced air cooling

F6000 advantages:

1: Intelligent cooling system: It can intelligently dissipate heat according to the temperature of the engine cylinder to reduce power consumption.

2: LED intelligent display, real-time and accurate display of speed, voltage, cylinder temperature and system status.

3: Integrated patented industrial design, dustproof and waterproof, easy to maintain.


1. Integrated start-up power generation design, which does not rely on external start-up equipment, can realize air-start function.

2. Integral design, can be easily suspended on various types of racks.

3. No need for more charging preparation time, no complicated ignition action, can perform tasks quickly.

4. Can work stably in -20 ° C cold environment.

Package list:

SF-416 frame x 1 set

F6000 Hybrid Electric Power Generator Assembly x 1 set

16L spraying system x 1 set

EA118 95KV motor x 4 + EP-120A HV ESC x 4 + UP4013L propeller x 2 pairs

JIYI K++ flight controller x 1 set

JIYI Terrain following radar x 1 set

JIYI Obstacle avoidance radar x 1 set

JIYI flowmeter x 1 piece

DK32S remote controller x 1 set

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