About Us

We are passionated about flying since we were little kids, just like you.
Now with technology, we can truly achived what we always wanted.
To be able to fly!

What we really do?

At Vibrant Sky, we plan on putting smiles on the faces of millions of earthling, that truly have a desire to be able to fly! We give you the chance to be able to see like an eagle, thru the eyes of a drone. From beginner to expert!

Our Vision

Flying a drone requires some practice, you don’t become a fighter pilot in one day! This is why we are happy to provide drones & RC from beginner to expert.  Either that it’s your first day in the pilot seat, or that you are a veteran.


Note. Please don’t try to fly by yourself, it seems that gravity is stronger than we thought.

History of Beginning

We started Vibrant Sky.net in 2018, after being in the field personally for years. We enjoy flying drones for many different reasons. Our team members are drone enthusiasm like you are! We use them daily for mapping construction site, or taking breath taking aerial shots on vacation, or even enjoying a good night of drone racing, at the Drone Racing League.

Mathieu B. CEO/Founder

Anna Baranov Client Care

Andre Kowalsy Support Boss

Pamela Doe Delivery Coordinator

Susan McCain Packaging Girl